Little Ocmulgee EMC offers prepay on single-phase residential accounts with a self-contained meters and 200 amp service. With prepay, the customer pays for kilowatt hours and monthly charges in advance just as they would gasoline for their car. Customers on prepay do not need to pay a deposit. However, if their prepay usage exceeds payment amount, their electricity is automatically disconnected and will not be restored until required payments are made.

Be aware that there are risks to persons and property associated with Pre-Pay's immediate disconnection of electric service for non-payment as well as its immediate reconnection of electric service by payment for disconnected serviced. It is the member's sole responsibility to protect any persons and property under these circumstances.

New coop members will need to complete a membership application if they don't have one on file with us and pay a $5.00 membership fee; a $15.00 account establishment fee; and a minimum of $50.00 for daily usage. This is a total of $70.00. Prepay rates are the same as non-prepay rates.

Existing coop members who go to prepay will have any existing deposits or credits applied to account balances or to their prepay account. Members must pay in full all pre-existing fees and unbilled energy or select to participate in the debt management program before their account can be converted to prepay. The new prepay account must have a minimum balance of $50.00 for daily usage.

Existing members with account balances may be eligible to use the debt management program if approved. For each payment that is made on the prepaid account, a portion will go towards their outstanding balance. If debt recovery is utilized, 35% of each payment will be applied to the debt until the balance is eliminated. Debt recovery will not be applied to the initial $50.00 minimum balance.

Payments can be made at Little Ocmulgee EMC's offices during normal working hours. Payments can be made 24 hours a day via credit card, debit card, or check by phone at 800-342-1290, or online at If you normally pay by cash, for after-hours payments you can purchase a pre-paid Visa card at any Wal-Mart or at most convenience stores. Minimum Payment for Prepay is $10.00.

Little Ocmulgee EMC's Member Portal Service and smart phone app enables you to view your daily usage, receive notifications, and make smaller payments ($10.00 minimum payment) as often as you would like or as your budget allows. The prepaid account will be calculated daily with daily adjustments of all charges and fees deducted from the prepaid credit balance.

Prepay accounts do not receive paper statements and are not eligible for e-bills. Daily prepaid account history (usage, charges, and payments) will be available by phone or via the internet at The website will also allow you to modify your notification settings. You are solely responsible for managing and updating the notification settings on your prepaid account(s). All low balance and disconnect notices will be sent in the manner you select for your account. Failure to maintain your notification settings may result in disconnection without further notice. Notifications can be sent via email or text. Failure to receive the notification(s) will not affect the disconnection process as the Cooperative is unable to verify receipt of automatic notifications. It is the member's responsibility to ensure that a credit balance is maintained to continue service.

A prepaid account is subject to automated mechanical disconnection at any time your account does not have a credit balance. Any returned checks or other fees on the account will be charged to the member's account immediately. If this causes the credit balance to be exhausted, service will be subject to disconnection immediately. To restore service, you must recharge your account to a minimum of $25.00.

If an account is disconnected and does not become active after seven (7) days, the account will be considered inactive and Little Ocmulgee EMC will mail a final bill to the last known address on file (Daily charges will still apply for these seven (7) days).

Service terminated at the request of the member will receive a refund of any remaining credit on the account after all final bill amounts have been calculated.

You may elect to convert your account from prepay to post-paid service at any time, although you will be required to pay all account balances and required deposits. If ever in conflict with the general Service Rules and Regulations, the Terms of Service will apply.


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